Snartemo V

This tablet woven band was found on the farm Snartemo in Vest-Agder, Norway, and is dated to ca. 500 AD. It was found in 1933, but the area had been known for extraordinary archaeological finds for almost 100 years before that.

The original tablet woven band consists of 4 fragments, in total 35 cm long and 5 cm wide. It takes 56 tablets to weave it. It is woven with thin plant-dyed wool. The original tablet woven band has figures which are almost perfectly square. The perfectionist in me wishes my figures were just a liiiittle bit more square!

Can you spot the “mistake” in one of the figures? An interesting fact is that the same mistake can be found on the Øvre Berge tablet woven band from the same period. Could it have been the same weaver?

Randi Stoltz has drawn up patterns for everyone to use, and she is also the source I have used on many occasions.

In the tablet weaving community we often talk about the “Snartemo technique”, which means using the effect of “floats” to create the pattern in the band. This basically means you let the threads stay on top of the band until the pattern with that colour ends.

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